The Hydros Coastal Solution

Hydros Coastal Solutions recognizes that not all of the reasons for beach erosion can be attributed to naturally occurring physical factors. The addition of manmade structures has increased erosion in certain areas; furthermore, the addition of manmade pollutants into the oceans and the environment has changed the physical properties of both the ocean and the sand within it.

THE HYDROS COASTAL SOLUTION to coastline restoration is unique and unprecedented. By identifying and targeting the underlying cause of beach erosion, such as impaired water quality, loss of sand cohesion, and coral reef degradation, Hydros Coastal Solutions, Inc. is able to reverse the negative impacts of years of environmental degradation and help to promote a naturally thriving environment. By combining our state of the art environmental water quality laboratory, our proprietary anti-erosion product, ShoreLock™, and our coral seascaping services with the expertise of our team of scientists and engineers, Hydros Coastal Solutions provides a unique and effective approach to combating coastal erosion.

  • Our innovative approach can replace existing methods entirely or be used in conjunction with conventional methods.
  • ShoreLock™ is a safe, effective, and eco-friendly product that helps to reverse the negative impacts of coastal development and to protect valuable coastal real estate.

ShoreLock™ Technology

Interstitial water is a primary factor in sand cohesiveness and is an absolute necessity on a healthy beach and erosion is accelerated when sand loses its ability to bind with other sand particles.

ShoreLock™ safely restores the natural surface properties of sand, promotes the retention of fresh water, and facilitates the formation of a healthy beach. The effect is a healthy, thriving beach that begins to grow and maintain resistance to the environmental factors that cause erosion.