Coral Reef Restoration & Development

Coral Seascaping Specialists

Buoyant Drop-Loop Line Nursery at Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, Montego Bay, Jamaica, populated with the Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn) Coral. Photograph shows growth after 8 months from 3-6cm planted fragments and as shown are now ready for re-fragmenting and out-planting. Second-generation nursery corals suffered no mortality.

Coral Reef Restoration and Development Services:

  • Propagative generation, restoration, and enhancement of coral reef ecosystem
  • Coral relocation and transplanting
  • Turnkey and fully-staffed snorkeler’s coral gardens replete with living coral, fish, and shellfish
  • Design and construction of “living breakwaters” providing low-impact turbulent attenuation of wave energy from fabricated nearshore coral structures which will continually adapt in accordance to sea level rise.
  • Planting and propagating living corals onto existing stone breakwaters, groynes and jetties resulting in   significant improvement to the structures hydrological    performance while adapting to sea level rise and enhancing aesthetics
  • Coral and reef assessments in project development and planning, for EIAs and REAs and for mitigation or remediation of damages.
  • Estuarine rehabilitation including mangrove replanting and restoration. Includes use of mangrove trees and coastal forest systems in landscaping or erosion control.
  • Seagrass translpanting
  • Mitigation and remediation of reefal and coastal damages, including development, ship grounding and blast-fishing.

Andrew Ross, Ph.D., is a restoration ecologist and marine biologist with 20-years experience in conservation, management and environmental science in seven countries over three continents.  Doctoral research included the development of a novel high-productivity and scalable in situ nursery design for propagation and replenishment of rare branching corals. His research led to the development of buoyant mid-water monofilament coral nurseries which provides better than 97% survivorship and 11-fold increases in total coral per 10-month growth period.